Spoilers, Comic-Con, and More
Entertainment Weekly has posted the Breaking Dawn spoiler that Stephenie Meyer revealed
to them! They have also posted pictures from the Comic-Con here.
Also, Newsweek had an interview with Stephenie Meyer.
Irish Times talks about the Breaking Dawn Breakfasts for "Twerds" all over Ireland.
The Courier News has posted their article about Breaking Dawn.
Inkworks has posted an official press release for the Twilight movie trading cards.
Reelz Channel has posted a small interview they had with Stephenie Meyer at the Comic-Con.
MTV has posted an interview they had with Stephenie Meyer and
Catherine Hardwicke at the Comic-Con.
LA Times has posted an interview with Robert Pattinson here,
and has posted an article about Robert here.
Rachel "Cullen" from Cosmo Girl has written an article about our
favorite guys (Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson).
The Movie Fanatic has posted an interview with bellaandedward.com
IMDB has updated the Twilight movie page with some great pics of the Comic-Con.
Sugar Scape is giving all UK Twilight fans a chance to win all of
the Twilight saga books and a Twilight movie poster.
The Green Bay Press Gazette has an article about the Twilight saga.
Southtown Star has posted an interview with some Twilight fans.
Chicago Sun-Times has posted interviews with some Fanpires.
The Huntsville Times has an article about the popularity of the Twilight saga.
The Seattle Times has posted an article about how the Twilight saga
is giving Forks, Washington an economic boost.
And here is today's and yesterday's Breaking Dawn quotes:
Rosalie: "I'd like to beat you dead."

Jasper: "I can't understand. I can't bear this."
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Bella

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