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Just 6 more days! I still remember when the Twilight movie was 6 months away, and now it's just 6 days away!
To help try and keep us somewhat sane during those 6 days, MTV has posted an awesome sneak peek! Spoiler Warning!

Also, Vampires & Slayers has an audio interview with Catherine Hardwicke (you need to be signed in to hear it). And also check out their cover for their first magazine:

Thanks, Ed, for letting us know!

Seth has posted some of the pictures from InStyle Magazine's Twilight photoshoot on www.stepheniemeyer.com.

Summit Entertainment has made an announcement about the Twilight Premiere:
We will be handing out wristbands that get fans into the fanwatch area for the premiere on Monday, 11.17. It will begin at 12pm PT near the Village and Bruin theater at 961 Broxton Ave.

Robert Pattinson will be on Extra this weekend! Check your local listings here.

MovieFone has a list of Sexiest Movie Vampires, and Rob, Cam, and Nikki are on the list.

There is also an awesome MovieFone unscripted interview between Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart:
Blast Magazine has an article about the Twilight Tour event in Boston.

Media Blvd has posted an interview with Jackson Rathbone.

Robert Pattinson will be on the Ellen Degeneres Show on November 21, and they want your questions to ask him!

All of the Barnes & Noble stores in Utah Valley are holding a Twilight movie contest, but the contest will close later today! Just write a short essay about how Twilight obsessed you are, go to a Barnes & Noble (in Utah Valley) and enter your essay. Winners will get a ticket voucher to see the Twilight movie on November 18th! Even if you don't win a ticket voucher, you could also get some cool Twilight merchandise!

Reelz Channel has posted an interview with Stephenie Meyer.

NY Times had an interview with Catherine and Rob while they were having lunch.

Cosmo Girl has released a behind the scenes video of their photoshoot with Kellan, Taylor, and Spunk (Rob):
Have a vamptastic day!

Sincerely, Alice


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