Stephenie Meyer Does Some Rumor Busting
Stephenie Meyer updated her site today about the latest rumors that she's being sued, and she confirms that they are NOT true. "I am not being sued. No one has contacted me or my publisher to inform either of us that I'm being sued. I never had a roommate named Heidi. There is no professor in the BYU English department named Dr. Peter Benton (though there is a character on ER by that name). And most of all, I began writing Twilight exactly the way I've told people in countless interviews and events for the past six years: I had a cool dream, I wrote it down, writing it down was really fun, so I kept writing until I had a whole book."

Melissa Rosenburg also cleared up some rumors with Entertainment Weekly regarding the Breaking Dawn movie.

Also, Melissa will be signing Twilight scripts at the Festival of Books in LA! Click here for more info.

Have a great day!

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