Support Stephenie
On August 28th, Stephenie posted a message for us regarding the illegal posting of her draft of Midnight Sun. To show her our love, support, and appreciation for her, we will be making a "Thank You Stephenie" scapbook and a support video, and we need your help! Click here for more information.
Bella also has something more to say about the situation:
"Dear Fans,
I felt so strongly on this subject, that I decided to post twice. Whoever has done this horrible crime has post-poned 'Midnight Sun' until maybe never. In my personal opinion, this person has given us Twilighters a bad name. I hope very much that this person learns from their mistake. I hope none of you try this with anything else. This upsets me very much. I'm sure Stephenie feels horrible. It was her property, and no one should have taken that from her. She is an amazing person, and doesn't deserve it. I know we all LOVE Stephenie, so I hope you take this post into consideration.
Love Always,
P.S. Email me YOUR opinion at

With that, I want to say thank you to everyone who didn't help steal Stephenie's draft. Thank you for being honest Twilight fans, and I hope you all continue to be so.

His Golden Eyes, SLTA, The Twilight Lexicon, The Twilight Moms, Twilight Series Theories, and Twilight Teez are also doing projects to support Stephenie. Click here for more info.

Twilight Extremists is also showing support for Stephenie with a support book and a petition.
Also, The LA Times has an article about Midnight Sun.
Remember to spred the word and help support Stephenie Meyer!

Sincerely, Alice


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