The Last Twilight Tuesday
I know I posted about this earlier, but, hey, I think the last Twilight Tuesday before the Twilight movie deserves some special treatment!
For the last Twilight Tuesday, MTV has posted their coverage of the Twilight movie premiere here and here! They have also posted an interview with Edi Gathegi here.

Also, Entertainment Tonight has posted some more interviews with some of the cast at the Twilight movie premiere. They have also posted something called The Robert Pattinson Diaries.

There is a new Twilight TV spot, which we've added here:
Just 4 stars?

Reelz Channel has posted an interview with Spunk Ransom. is having a vampire cagematch, so go vote for Robert Pattinson!

You can now listen to pieces of the song from the Twilight movie score on!

You can download an exclusive Twilight movie clip on ITunes.

NY Times has another Twilight article.

LA Times has an article about possible movie sequels.

Komo News has another article about Twilight's popularity.
Have a great Twilight Tuesday!

Sincerely, Alice


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