The Results Are In...
During it's opening week, the Twilight movie made...(drumroll)...$70.6 million!

There are several articles about the Twilight movie's success:
Hollywood Chicago
Also, the announcement about the New Moon movie has been officially released on Stephenie Meyer's site.

Shock Hound has an article about the music in the Twilight movie.

IF magazine and Media Blvd both have more pictures of the Twilight movie premiere. CNN has also posted coverage of the Twilight premiere:

Robert Pattinson has been voted as "the hottest vampire of all time" (Cam Gigandet is #3, and Nikki Reed is #7).

Robert Pattinson was on the Ellen Degeneres show last friday.

And a reminder, we'll be taking down the online Twilight movie discussion soon. Thanks to everyone who participated!
Sincerely, Bella


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