The Twilight Movie Premiere!
EDIT: Sorry it took so long to post this. We had some issues today with our computer, but we're back now.

The Twilight Premiere is finally here, people!!! We've made it!
If you don't live in LA, you're probably like "Yeah, great. But I won't be able to be there." No problem! There are lot of people that will have live coverage, and a lot more who will post their coverage after the premiere:

Entertainment Tonight will be showing the premiere live!

You can also see the premiere live here:

A member of the Twilight Lexicon and Kaleb Nation (The Twilight Guy) will be at the premiere tonight to get their coverage. The Twilight Lexicon also has some great pictures of the theater right now where the premiere will be.

Have fun!

Sincerely, Bella


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