The Volturi: Behind the Scenes
This amazing video came out on MySpace:

OMV (Oh my Volturi)!!! I cannot wait until the 20th!!! :D

But wait! Before you watch that Volturi featurette over and over and over again, there's more! A new New Moon TV spot came out!

And there's lots of new interviews! FearNet interviewed Melissa Rosenberg.

Vanity Fair interviewed Robert Pattinson.

Nylon Magazine interviewed and had a photoshoot with Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed.

MTV also interviewed Nikki and Kellan:

Access Hollywood talked to Kellan and Ashley during the Halloween party they hosted.

Lime Life has posted more of their interview with Julia Jones.

The Twilight Examiner interviewed Tinsel Korey.

The LA Times interviewed Michael Sheen.

Calgary Herald interviewed the Twilight saga humans.

There's a new interview with Billy Burke:

Time Out London Magazine now has a special New Moon issue, and there are three different covers you can choose from! Click here to check them out.

According to The Envelope, it looks like Rachelle Lefevre will definitely be attending the New Moon premiere despite what happened with Eclipse (I never thought she wouldn't attend, but it's good to have my thoughts confirmed).

Now if you want to see more of these interviews live (or close to live), then the Twilight Lexicon has a list of which shows the Twilight cast will be appearing on before the release of New Moon.

Or if you want to ask the questions yourself, then head on over to Movie Fone. They want questions from the fans to ask Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Chris Weitz.

But if that's not good enough for you--you actually want to meet some cast members!--then there's some new opportunities opening to meet Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, and Nikki Reed. The following is just in from Toys R Us:
"Toys“R”Us has been bitten, transforming into THE Twilight Saga destination, offering in-store and online dedicated boutiques, exclusive products and even a star-studded event at Toys“R”Us Times Square on November 19! Read below for more information about the awesome Twi-inspired products, and how to enter the online sweepstakes to win prizes signed by talent from the movie. Also, read below to find out how you can receive tickets to attend the VIP autograph signing at the Toys“R”Us Times Square store with Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed, as well as tickets to attend a special, advance screening of The Twilight Saga: New Moon in NYC."

And here's another event at Stonestown Galleria where you could Meet Kellan and Ashley:

There's also a couple of new contests to help keep you busy until the New Moon movie comes out. Peace. Love. TWILIGHT! is giving away Twilight onsies that you could give to your little baby or sibling.

And Love Tripper is giving away a New Moon musical jewelry box!

Also, if your planning a trip to Forks Washington, then you have to check out this site: They have a page just for Twilight fans to help you plan your Twilight trip.

OME! Can you believe that the New Moon movie is just a few weeks away! *Squeal!*

Sincerely, Alice


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