The Wolves Are Official!
Stephenie has posted an official press release from Summit Entertainment announcing that Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman have officially been cast as the rest of the wolf pack!

Celebuzz has an article about the announcement.

Also, Twilight Italia has an update about filming locations in Italy:
Just want to you to know that the Eagle Picture’s Official Twilight WebSite(the Italian Distributor) today indicated that they talked with the Municipality of Montepulciano, which denied the rumor that New Moon would be shot in town during the period from 25th to 30th of May. (They denied the timeframe, not the fact that Montepulciano will host the shooting).
Here’s the text in Italian written by Eagle Pictures:
“Dobbiamo invece darvi una brutta notizia: la Pro Loco di Montepulciano ci ha scritto comunicandoci che l’amministrazione comunale ha smentito i rumour sulle date delle riprese italiane di New Moon nella città: le date 25/30 maggioattualmente non sono certe, né confermate. L’unico organo che potrà dare notizie certe a riguardo sarà il comune di Montepulciano stesso, dal quale ci aspettiamo un comunicato ufficiale quanto prima. Questo non smentisce le riprese, ma solo le date precedentemente segnalate…”
Which translates into:
“We have to give you some bad news: the Pro Loco (tourism office) of Montepulciano wrote us to say that the municipality administration denied the rumours on the dates of the shooting of New Moon in Italy: The dates of 25-30th of May actually are neither certain, nor confirmed. The only official channel enabled to provide sure information regarding this matter will be Montepulciano’s municipality, from which we’ll be expecting an official communication shortly. This does not deny the shooting in Montepulciano, just the dates reported before…”
The Official Eagle Site says that Montepulciano doesn’t refute the fact that is involved with the film but strongly said that doesn’t know nothing about the days and that just the municipality can talk about the movie, not with the Tourism Association.”

MTV interviewed some of the New Moon cast members, where they talk about how the paparazzi is getting out of control, this time around. They also have an interview with Ashley Greene here. asked Kristen Stewart 10 questions about her latest movies.

Stephenie Meyer has been nominated for TIME Magazine's 2009 TIME 100 awards! Click here to vote for her!

Entertainment Weekly posted an article about their favorite quotes from Rob in the Twilight DVD commentary. I love Rob, he's hilarious!

4TNZ interviewed Kimbra Hickey:
"You might not recognize her face, but you've DEFINITELY seen her hands before. They're on the cover of the first Twilight book!"
Click here to check out the interview!

Sincerely, Bella


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