Tie-In Edition of New Moon Cover Revealed!
Entertainment Weekly has posted the official cover for the movie cover version of the New Moon book, and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! EW has asked us not to post the cover on Edward's Meadow, but you can see it here.

And there's one more official picture that has been released! A billion thanks to Reelz Channel for letting us know: An official photo of the Cullens for New Moon was revealed with the cover of the 2010 Twilight saga: New Moon calander!

Two words: Awe some!

Reelz Channel also has an interview with Peter Facinelli and an article about the challenges of adapting the Breaking Dawn book into a movie.

Taylor Lautner and Rachel Lefevre were both at the Much Music Awards. Here is a video of their arrivals at the red carpet:

The Twilight Examiner has an article about the newly released tie-in edition of New Moon.

Making Of got an awesome interview with Melissa Rosenburg about the making of the Twilight saga movies.

The Twilight Lexicon got an interview with Daniel Cudmore (Felix in New Moon).

I'm not sure how official this is, but the New Moon soundtrack is now up for pre-order on Amazon.com!

Dazzled by Edward has gotten pictures of some new Twilight t-shirts at Hot Topic stores!

An awesome New Moon countdown has been made for iPhones and iPods!

Twilight Treasury is holding a contest where you could win one of the New Moon countdowns.

Peace. Love. Twilight! is holding a huge and awesome 'Twilight Clue' game/contest!
"Bella Swan has been found dead. It is your job to figure out who killed her, where they did it, and what they used to kill her!
There are 45 "clues" you will be given. There are 15 Twilight characters as suspect perpetrators of the crime, or possible "murderers". There's 15 Twilight places as possible "scenes-of-the-crime" where the murderer may have committed the crime. There are also 15 Twilight-related possible "weapons" that the murderer may have used to kill Bella."

I believe it was James in the ballet studio with the video camera. :)

Breaking news! Radar Online got a picture of Robert Pattinson being arrested in NYC! ...for a movie. Don't worry, he was just filming a scene for his latest movie Remember Me.

Barbie and Ken are now staring as Bella and Edward in Canada's Toys R Us stores!

I love this video, it's hilarious: Buffy vs Edward!

Just one of the many reasons I'm glad Twilight vampires can't really be killed with stakes. :)

4TNZ has an article about a Twilight-themed lip gloss being sold by DuWop Cosmetics.

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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