Tons of Interviews
Reelz Channel has posted transcripts of interviews with Taylor Lautner, Ken Potts
(a set PA), the producer of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke, Solomon Trimble (Sam Uley),
Chris (Apparently he'll play Embry!), Michael Welch, Gregory Tyree Boyce, Kristen Stewart,
Anna Kendrick, and Justin Chon. Also, the Twilight Lexicon had interviews with some
of the doubles in the Twilight movie, including Katie Powers who will play the flirting
waitress in the La Bella Italia scene, as well as Kristen Stewart's double. Also,
Centre Daily Times posted an interview with Stephenie Meyer, and had an
interview with one of the producers for the Twilight movie, Wyck Godfrey (we are unable
to give you a link to the Wyck Godfrey interview, but His Golden Eyes can). Also, there is
a video on MTV showing some Twilighters reactions to the Twilight Teaser Trailer. Click here
to see it. That should be enough interviews to keep you busy for a few days...or weeks.

Sincerely, Bella


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