Tours of New Moon Locations
Want to visit Italy and see Volterra and the filming locations for the New Moon movie in Montepulciano? Then Hot Topic has the sweepstakes for you!
"Use your account to play online by finding clues, uncovering mysteries, and completing challenges for a chance to win the trip of a lifetime!"

And MSN has made an awesome online virtual tour of Forks, Washington! They also have some videos of Forks during this year's Stephenie Meyer day. You may recognize a few people in the footage of Forks High School:

Bella, Renee, Kate, and I are there with my Edward Cullen stand-up (I brought it all over Forks with me. I also brought him to La Push with me by accident and broke the treaty. Oops. :) You could consider this a preview of all the Forks footage we got that we're still trying to edit together (too many videos and pictures).

Sincerely, Alice


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