Twilight Midnight Release
We got an E-mail from a Twilighter, Kim, last night:
"I am writing to you concerning possible midnight showings of Twilight in the US. Originally, I took it for granted that Twilight, like Harry Potter and superhero films, would get a midnight release. The management at my local AMC Theaters, however, has barely heard of the movie or book, and are unaware of fan support for the film. I was told that it would make a difference if the theater heard from these fans expressing interest in the film, and specifically asking about a midnight premiere. The situation may be the same for other theater chains that normally do these special engagement showings. I have not been told that they won't have one, just that they don't know at this time. Rather than let this be an uncertainty, I figured I would inform the fans at as many sites as I could to encourage them to call their local theaters, and to ask in person if possible. If we can organize in small groups and wear our Twilight shirts, it might make more of an impression on the theater staff. This weekend especially it might make a difference since the Twilight trailer is in the theater. If you go see Quarantine or Sex Drive maybe you can stop by guest services in Twilight gear letting them know you want to see the TRAILER on the big screen because you can't wait for the movie to be released.

Also, if anyone knows the best way to communicate with decision makers at Summit Films - or whomever they hire for promotional work... I believe that sending a display (standee) for the theaters, or investing in printing 11x17 one sheets might attract more attention for the film outside of the fan community. We can't just depend on Summit - we the fans need to help make sure that this movie will be a success so they decide to invest in making the remaining films."

Also, there is a new movie still that looks like Carlisle and Edward in a flashback scene:

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Jasper


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