Twilight Movie Premiere and Pictures
The Twilight Lexicon talked to Summit Entertainment about Twilight fans eligibility for the Twilight movie premiere:
"We recently checked with Summit Films regarding the status of fan involvement during the premiere. According to Summit the premiere will take place at the famous Graumanís Chinese Theater on November 17th. Itís standard to do a premiere a few days ahead of the nationwide release.
Fans are welcomed to come out and see the stars by standing in roped off areas. We specifically asked Summit "Is there any restriction security wise on who can be outside the theater. In other words would the average fan have the opportunity to stand behind a rope line and see the stars arrive?" and we were told "There are no restrictions regarding being present for arrivals at the premiere."
We also asked if the average fan would have any opportunity to actually get inside the premiere, and they are getting back to us on that."

Also, there are some new pictures from the Jeff Riedel Entertainment Weekly photo shoot:
Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.
Everglow got an exclusive first look at one of the pictures that will be in "Guys of Twilight" feature in Vman magazine:

According to Pattinson Online, Spunk Ransom has been featured on the Hollywood Reporter. Click here to see the scans.
Twilight Mafia is running a campaign to give "Jacksper" guitar picks!
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