Twilight Shopping Spree!
Stephenie Meyer's official site has been updated with various news about Twilight merchandise.
And Sam's Club is selling a Twilight package for four to attend the Twilight movie premiere, including first class flight, lunch, luxury hotel, limousine transportation, and a chance to meet the Twilight cast, for $9,500.
The chance to have lunch with Taylor Lautner is at auction on ebay, and is currently at $1,981.
Twilight Fan Trips has some exciting news for those going to the Nov 17-20 and Nov 20-23 fan trips to see the Twilight movie.
Hot Topic will be hosting Twilight soundtrack listening parties, so go to any Hot Topic location on October 24th and listen to the entire Twilight soundtrack!
If you pre-order the Twilight soundtrack on Barnes & Noble, it comes with Twilight stickers.
If you buy the Twilight soundtrack on Fueled by Ramen, you also get a Paramore t-shirt and a Twilight bookmark. has an article about the Twilight soundtrack.
Also, tMF has an article about the New Moon movie (NOT CONFIRMED YET!).
TwiCon has announced that The Bella Cullen Project will be playing at their event.
The Twilight Lexicon has posted pictures of Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, and Edi Gathegi at the premiere for the movie Sex Drive last night.
MTV had an interview with Kellan Lutz about Twilight and Harry Potter bands.
Lion_lamb has posted information about the new EW covers.
You can see some of the pictures from the Twilight movie companion book on lion_lamb here and here.
There is a funny song on YouTube about a new Twilight guy, Ben. Click here to see it.
According to Twilight Series Theories, Robert Pattinson will be on Good Morning Texas on November 11th.
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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