Twilight Stars Meet the Stars
Larry Carroll, the Twilight Tuesday master, has announced that he and most of the Twilight
cast are going to outer space next year! Click here to read the article about their
'out of this world' trip next year.
If you were hoping for a Twilight Tuesday that was a little more down to earth,
an interview with Taylor Lautner about Bella's truck has also been posted
on MTV! Congratulations on your driver's license, Taylor! Click here to read the article
and see the interview.
And remember the Movie Fanatic hottest 30 under 30 poll?
They have announced the winners, and Kristen Stewart won with an amazing 2,392 votes,
with Nikki Reed right behind her with 671 votes! Congratulations Nikki and Kristen!

Sincerely, Alice

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