Twilight TV Spot and More!
You can now see the first TV spot for Twilight on Fandago, and it has a bit of new footage!
Also, Rob went to Mexico, and here is a YouTube video of him presenting the Twilight trailer:

You can also see pictures of his visit here and here. is running a contest where you could win the Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion, the Twilight paperback, a teaser poster, and the Twilight soundtrack.
A writer for SPIN Magazine has posted an article about how she got 'hooked on Twilight.'
The UK version of the third Twilight trailer has been released! Click here to see it.
Here is a YouTube video of an interview with Melissa Rosenburg at the Austin Film Festival:

And remember, Bella, Kate, and I will be at the Hot Topic Twilight soundtrack listening party tonight at 7:00pm at the Provo Town Center in Utah. We have actually heard that there will be a costume contest there, but we are not sure if the rest of the Hot Topic stores will have one too.
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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