Twilight Tuesday, and More
For today's Twilight Tuesday, MTV is asking you to submit questions for them to ask
Stephenie Meyer at the Breaking Dawn Signing in New York on Aug 1st! For more
information, click here. And in addition, there is a new Nikki Reed interview you can see here.
Also, Seth has updated Stephenie's site with information about the Comic-Con,
replies to some of the e-mails he's received, and of course
today's Breaking Dawn quote (below) and more.

Renee: "Alice wouldn't let us do anything else. Every time we tried,
she all but ripped our throats out."

The official Twilight movie site has also been updated with the new trailer and information
about how to enter to win a Twilight movie poster signed by the Twilight cast!
Elizabeth Reaser is going to star in a new show called 'The Ex List.'
Click here to
Michael Welch's site has been updated with news about a new play he's doing,
interviews, and more.
Twilight Teez is up again, but they are still experiencing some technical difficulties.
Palm Beach Post has an article about the Twilight Saga, with some cool facts
for those few who haven't read the books yet.
BC Books has posted a review of The Host.
IGN has posted information about the San Diego Comic-Con, with the news that they
will be showing exclusive footage of the Twilight movie there!
Publishers Weekly has posted an article with suggestions for books to read
after Breaking Dawn comes out.

Sincerely, Esme

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