Twilight and New Moon Move News
First off, the Twilight Lexicon got some information about the Twilight movie DVD! Apparently, it's estimated to be released around Valentines day, and there may be two versions (regular and special edition)! We'll let you know when any more information about the DVD is released.

The New Moon movie now has an official IMDB page! Click here to see it.

Reelz Channel has posted a video about how girls can't get enough of Twilight:

Remember all the news we posted about Tonner Dolls making Twilight figurines? Well...
Click here to check out the figurines and download the official press release.

On Bite of Twilight, a friend of their's has written a very good review for the Twilight movie.

If you buy a Paramore t-shirt on Shock Hound, you'll get a free Twilight soundtrack.

A Twilighter named Maggie went to the UK Twilight movie premiere, and she's posted her coverage on her blog.

The Hillywood Show wants to make a Twilight spoof, and they're asking for extras.

You've read about the characters, you've dressed up like the characters, you've quoted the characters. Now you can smell like the characters! There's a new line called Essence of Twilight that is selling lotions, sprays, and lipbalms that smell like Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Alice. Click here to check it out!

Have a vamptastic day!

Sincerely, Alice


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