Twilight at Teen Choice Awards
The Twilight cast (and director) were at the Teen Choice Awards! The Insider, Just Jared, and Just Jared Jr. have some really great photos of the event. There are some really good interviews, too:

Catherine Hardwicke told The Dish Rag that Bryce Dallas Howard, who is replacing Rachelle Lefevre in Eclipse, was their original choice to play Victoria in the Twilight movie. Click here to check it out.

And Access Hollywood got this...interesting interview with Taylor Lautner:

Aw, so cute. :)

Then, in another Access Hollywood interview with Ashley Greene, the reason for Taylor's embarrassment was revealed:


Also, there's still coverage of TwiCon being released, and this time it's from His Golden Eyes:

And Bella and got interviews with the Hillywood Show and the Mitch Hansen band at TwiCon:

At 10pm EST tonight, Reelz Channel will be showing it's first TWILIGHT WEEKLY: SPOTLIGHT! Reelz Channel is also holding another Ultimate Twilight Fan contest, but this time there's a new spin: Team Edward vs Team Jacob. Click here for more details.

Craig Ferguson from the Late Late Show made a hilarious spoof: JK Rowling vs Stephenie Meyer.

Have a great day!

Love always, Bella


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