Twilight vs Harry Potter
There's a video on Reelz Channel about Twilight vs Harry Potter. We've added the video
here. Personally, I think Twilight and Harry Potter are both awesome,
but that's just my opinion. There's also a lot of news:
Twilight Guy has finished reading Chapter 13 and has posted an article about his experience.
Stephenie Meyer has updated her MySpace blog (but again, we can't give you a
link to it, but you can read her update on the Twilight Lexicon).
Blog Critic’s Magazine is giving away a free copy of The Host.
The Peninsula Daily News has posted information about the Summer Forks Tours. has some new pictures of Kristen and Spunk at the MTV Movie Awards.
The Host is #1 on the Canadian Press' top ten fiction books.
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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