Unofficial Review of Breaking Dawn
I found this on His Golden Eyes: "Margarita from Crepusculo Meyer, sent me a tip that the
website Crepusculo-Es got an exclusive letter from the editor of the Spanish translation
of Breaking Dawn. Of course, she loves it, and describes her experience reading it.
Don't worry, there are no spoilers!" Click here to read it!
Also, Shock Till You Drop posted an article about the possibility of a New Moon movie.
Remember, these are just rumors at the moment.
The Ampersand wrote an article about the Twilight Movie, Catherine Hardwicke,
and how she casted Bella and Edward.
The Host is #4 on the Publishers Weekly Best Sellers list.
The Kansas City Star posted a list of books that are becoming movies,
and Twilight is one of them.
The posted a list of books that Twilight fans might like.
There are two new pictures of Kristen Stewart in costume for Bella here and here.
That's all for now!

Sincerely, Edward


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