Wallpapers, Interviews, and New Moon Stuff
We have a couple of new site updates! First, for a long time, Alice has been making Twilight wallpapers for fun. She's made tons, and has finally decided to put them on the site for everyone to check out! You can get to them through the fan art section. Click here to check them out!

Second, we now have a New Moon movie page, with a cast list (which will be updated when cast members are officially announced) and a countdown to the release date. We also have a countdown to the Twilight DVD release on our Twilight movie page. You can get to the movie pages by clicking 'Movie Stuff' on the left.

Also, Seth on www.stepheniemeyer.com has posted links to two articles on USA Today here and here about Stephenie Meyer.

MTV talks about what's next for Kristen and Rob, and also has an interview with Edi Gathegi.

Variety has an article about which rumors are true and which ones are false for the New Moon movie.

NECCO, the company who makes the conversation hearts, has some vamptastic plans for November.

Press-Telegram has an article announcing that Jackson Rathbone and his band, 100MONKEYS, will be performing in Long Beach, California.

The Insider has a list of 28 reasons why the Twilight movie is better than the book. They're not trying to be mean, it's actually a very fun list.

Celebrity Baby Blog interviewed Jennie Garth, Peter Facinelli's husband, about their family.

Have a great day!

Sincerely, Bella


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