Win a Shirt from Saturday Night Live!
We are holding a new contest (in this case, giveaway)! Remember last week when Taylor Lautner hosted Saturday Night Live? Well we're giving away two of the shirts worn during one of his skits, courtesy of CafePress!

Enter now for the chance to win one of these two shirts:
Here's how to enter: First login to our new Twilight Saga Forums (if you aren't a member already, then click here to register). Then reply to our post for the contest to let us know which team you're on: Edward or Jacob?
The contest will be open until December 26th, when we'll randomly draw two winners (one for the Edward shirt, one for the Jacob shirt)!

Also, speaking of Saturday Night Live, there was another special Twilight/New Moon appearance last Saturday: the band Muse!

And also speaking of the Twilight Saga Forums, we've heard that some of you actually prefer our old chatbox over the new forums, so we've decided to bring it back as an addition to the forums. Click here to get to the chatbox!

Have fun and good luck!

Love always, Bella & Alice


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