Zac Efron to Replace Robert Pattinson as Edward!
April Fools! Sorry, I couldn't resist. :) Don't worry, Rob's still Edward and Zac's still Troy.

MTV's got their own April Fools prank, too, And so does 4TNZ!

4TNZ also has an article about RPattz and Nikki Reed, another article about Rob, and a new poll: Who's hotter, Rob or Jackson?

Also, Access Hollywood and The Vancouver Sun both have articles about the tight security surrounding New Moon.

But apparently that hasn't stopped Lainey Gossip. They've got some great pictures of Rob, Kristen, Taylor, and Nikki on set! You can see them here, here, and here.
Lainey Gossip also has news that Robert Pattinson filmed his first scene yesterday!

The LA Times interviewed Kristen Stewart about New Moon.

A Twilighter (owner of The Twilight Files) who works for a newspaper in Washington called The Little Nickle said that they got called by Summit because they needed newspapers for props in the New Moon movie! Click here to read the whole story.

Celebuzz got some cute pictures of Alex Meraz (Paul) and his wife.

Celebuzz also has an article about Twilight fans!

Stephenie has one more thing that she will have being auctioned at the Save the Book Babe event: A one-of-a-kind Host skateboard!

Team In Training is holding a Twilight raffle to help raise money to fight against blood cancers.

Robert Pattinson is on the cover of Life & Style Magazine! Click here to read their article about New Moon.

Sandy's Maceys (the store that held the awesome Twilight DVD party we went to) has posted not only the 1st place winner of their Edward-look-a-like contest, but the top 3 (speaking of which, we're still working to get our videos and pictures of the party up, but we'll post them soon).

The Twilight DVD is, at the moment, the bestselling DVD of 2009! Click here to read the article.

USA Today got an interview with Kristen Stewart.

That's all for now!

Sincerely, Alice


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