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Even More New Twilight Songs
Yes, more. It just never ends, does it? Anyway, here are the
new songs:
*Angel by The Jones Gang, which goes with Twilight.
*Starting to Turn by Andrew Paul Woodworth, which goes with
New Moon, Chapter 3: The End, in Edward's point of view.
*That's where it is by Carrie Underwood, also goes with Twilight.
*Good Morning Beautiful, goes with Twilight, too.
*The way you love me by Faith Hill, goes with Twilight, too.
*Twisted by Carrie Underwood, reminds me of how I'm Edward's 'La tua cantante.'
*Everybody's fool by Evanescence, which reminds me of different
people from the Twilight Saga, Edward, Rosalie, Jacob, etc.
*Haunted by Evanescence, reminds me of how Edward
craves my blood and how James had started tracking me.
*Imaginary by Evanescence, which reminds me of
the meadow (it goes with Alice in Wonderland, too).
*My last breath by Evanescence, which reminds me a little of the climax of Twilight.
*Clair de Lune by Debussy. Yes, you can finally listen to one of Edward's favorite songs.
We hope you like these new songs!

Sincerely, Bella

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