New Moon Book Themed Decorations

Again, there are many decorative things you can buy at places like Borders, Barnes & Noble, or online at places like Dazzled by Twilight, but there aren't as many book options nowadays as there are for the movie theme. But don't worry--when it comes to the Twilight saga book covers, it's not hard at all to use them in your decoration planning. Again, you can do a combo of streamers and balloons. Then try setting up some whole apples somewhere (Twilight). You can buy some cheep, fake red roses, and put them in a clear glass flower pot (New Moon). If you have any type of pole somewhere, then take some red streamer and wrap it around the pole. If you can, very carefully rip the streamer a bit in the middle (Eclipse). If you have a chess set, time to pull it out and set it on display (this can also serve as an activity if you end up not having enough things to do) (Breaking Dawn). And of course you can have a banner like the New Moon movie one, but book themed. Click here to see the one I made. Same directions as for the New Moon movie banner.


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