Ultimate Twilight Trivia

Why do a regular trivia when you can do an ULTIMATE trivia? It's a bit harder to set up, but it's tons of fun. Here's how to make it:
1. Come up with a few Twilight related catagories (i.e. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Twilight movie, New Moon movie, etc.). Write them in big letters on slips of paper and tape them to the wall like so...

2. Come up with one easy trivia question for each catagory. Write each question on a blank index card. Then write 100 on the back of each card. Then tape them to the wall like so...

3. Now come up with one new trivia question for each catagory that is slightly harder than the last. Again, write the question on one side of a blank index card, but write 200 on the other side. Then tape them on the wall like so...

4. You can repeat this pattern as many times as you want, adding an additional 100 points to the questions each time. I suggest maybe going up to 600, but, like I said, you can ask as many question as you want.

The numbers represent how many points the person/team who answers the question correctly will get. If you have problems coming up with some good questions, then check out our Twilight saga quizzes for ideas.

To play: Split your party guests in half to make two teams. Have them name their teams, and write their team names at the top of a piece of paper. This will be your score card.
You will have to be the host, since you know the answers to all the questions (if your not sure you'll be able to remember the answers, then you can also write them on the backs of the cards with the questions). Decide which team will go first, then have them, as a group, decide how many points they want to shoot for and under which catagory. Take the card they choose off of the wall and read the question aloud. If the team answers the question correctly, then write the amount of points they won under their team name on your score card. If they answer incorrectly, then the other team can try to answer the question. If they get it right, then they get the points. If they don't, then you can read the answer aloud for them.
Play until all the cards on the wall are gone. Add up the points, and see which team wins!
Note: If you choose to have a prize for the winning team, then make sure it's something the whole team could have, like a bag of Twizzlers or something (to make it fun, you can call them Twilight Twizzlers :)


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