Alice's New Moon DVD Release Party Planner
Are you wanting to throw your own New Moon DVD Release party, but not quite sure what to do? Well Alice is here to help you out. You only have to read the Twilight saga once to know that when it comes to throwing parties, Alice is the expert. So she's written down this list of party ideas to help you throw your own New Moon DVD bash:

"Hey everyone!

So, you want to throw a party? Well, here's a few ideas that you can use:

You gotta have people at your party, and to do that you need invitations! You can come up with your own, or you can use my invitation design below:

Click here to print it out.

Every party needs to have some activities, so here's a few Twilighty ideas:

*Watch Twilight (this kind of goes without saying).

*Ultimate Twilight Trivia: Why do a regular trivia when you can do an ULTIMATE trivia? It's a bit harder to set up, but it's tons of fun. Here's how to make it...(Read More)

*Twilight Raffle: Type up a bunch of number and letter codes on the computer, print them out (two copies), and cut out all the codes as seperate strips (for a Twilight twist, the raffle numbers could be things like Forever17, Bella18, or Carlisle362). Put one copy of all the raffle tickets in one container, and the second copy in another. Then when your guests come, have each of them pick a raffle ticket out of one container...(Read More)

*Pictures with the Characters: Do you have an Edward, Jacob, or Bella stand-up? Do you have a friend that has a stand-up you don't have? Then you should totally do this...(Read More)

*Dance: If you're inviting a lot of people or are holding an open house party (where anyone can come), then a Twilight dance would be way fun! Just make sure you have a large open area for people to dance in. Then all that's left is music! There's some great songs to dance to on both the Twilight and New Moon soundtracks, but not a whole lot. You can check out our Twilight song list (the #1 Twilight song list on Google), which has some great upbeat Twilight-related songs, and pick your favorites.

What's a party without food, (even if some of your guests are on a "special diet")? Here's some fun ideas to add some Twilight spice to your menu.

*Bella's Mushroom Ravioli: If you live in Port Angeles or Forks, Washington, then I DEMAND that you try and get the real thing from La Bella Italia: It's to die for! But if you're not an Olympic Peninsula native, then just check the frozen goods section at your local market--they should sell the quick-make stuff.

*Emmett's Grizzly Beargurs: Just you're basic hamburgers with an awesome name (my favorite idea). Great for a New Moon DVD release barbecue party. :)

*Jacob's Hot Dogs: Again, just regular hot dogs but with an awesome name.

*Paul's Doritos: If you don't understand the title, then read the beginning of Jacob's POV in Breaking Dawn and buy a big bag of Doritos.

*Vegetarian Vampire Vegetable Platter: Remember what your Mom said: eat your veggies!

*Sliced Twilight Apples: Need I say more? Serve with your favorite fruit dip, and they'll be gone faster than you can say Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

*Cullen Cookies: Time for desert! They can be any type of cookie (how about Robert Pattinson's favorite: white chocolate chip). If you're good at decorating cookies, then now is the time to work your magic!

*Bella's Birthday Cake: If you're good at decorating cakes, then try taking a crack at remaking Bella's birthday cake from the movie. Or you could go the easy way and ask your local bakery to do it.

*Eclair de Lunes: Based on Bella and Edward's favorite classical song! Unless you know how to make them, you can just get some yummy eclairs from your local bakery.

*Got Blood?: What's a vampire party without blood? My favorite way of doing this is mixing Tiger's Blood syrup (the stuff they use to make your Icies) with Sprite. It will win over vampires and humans alike. If you're not a Tiger's Blood fan, then you can always go with the traditional fruit punch.

Now there's two main themes you can use: The New Moon movie theme, or the New Moon book them (or mix them together). For the movie, your theme's colors would be yellow-orange/gold and black. For the book, red, black, and white.

NEW MOON MOVIE THEME: Of course there's countless options out there when buying decorations (New Moon posters, stand-ups, doorknob hangers, etc. can be found in places like Hot Topic, FYE, Nordstroms, etc). But if you're working on a budget then try to keep things simple...(Read More)

NEW MOON BOOK THEME: Again, there are many decorative things you can buy at places like Borders, Barnes & Noble, or online at places like Dazzled by Twilight, but there aren't as many book options nowadays as there are for the movie theme. But don't worry--when it comes to the Twilight saga book covers...(Read More)

To add to the atmosphere, you gotta have music. The Twilight and New Moon soundtracks and scores will work for either theme. You can buy them pretty much anywhere.

You hear that? It's the clocks chiming midnight! Your party is over and now it's time for you and your guests to get your copies of the New Moon DVD! If you're not sure which of the many editions to get, then here's a video His Golden Eyes made to help you:

I know for a fact that most Walmart, Borders, and Blockbuster stores will be holding midnight release parties themselves. If the store selling the edition of the DVD you want isn't going to be open at midnight (make sure you check in advance), then maybe you could have your party fun last longer and have a New Moon DVD release slumber party!

For even more ideas, check out the footage of the huge Twilight DVD release party we went to last year--they had some REALLY great ideas!

To see more videos, click here.

And Walmart has some great party ideas too! Click here to check it out!

Have fun partying!


Love always, Bella


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